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Posted by on Mar 20, 2017

Lenten Devotion – Seeing Through Different Eyes

Monday, March 20
Scripture: John 9:1-25

One of the greatest joys a parent has is reading to one’s child. I can only imagine then how it must feel to read for a blind friend. Of course there is Braille and recorded books, but nothing can capture the author’s view of a golden autumn sunset better than when you filter his words through your own eyes, especially when you have seen your magical sunset too. The author’s eyes magnified by your eyes for a moment become your friend’s eyes. God gives us such a vision. The glory of eternity is beyond the most beautiful sight we see here in our time. Anticipation melts into a new vision, that vision becomes feelings and feelings become joy when we think of that complete union with our maker. We know this truth because we have seen it through the eyes of a friend. Jesus said that through him we will know God. Through his eyes we will see God, by his senses we will hear, and feel and smell God. Through him we will live eternally in the embrace of total love that is God. Through Jesus, …now I see!

Prayer: Thank you Jesus for reading to this blind soul.

 – Beverly and John Scott Williams